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1962 Jungle trip
1999 Caracas trip


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bulletWhat the hell???
bulletHow do I get there ?
bulletWhere am I staying ?
bulletHow much will it cost?
bulletDo I need a Visa?
bulletWhat's the deal with all the cool "sponsorships"?
bulletWhat's the deal with patches?
bulletI heard something about a visit to the embassy in DC?
bulletCan we take firearms on the jungle trip?

What the hell ?

The Green Machine has been conducting International Paintball Travel Events since the early 1980's.  With a heavy concentration of "industry old timers" and several members with a severe case of wanderlust on the team, it was simply unthinkable to turn down acquaintances overseas when we began receiving requests from them years ago.  Since then we have been putting together travel event packages for these overseas operators that include:

1. Shipping an experienced paintball team (or two) to their country
2. Assisting their event with referee training, tournament field mapping and setup
3. Providing sponsored prizes for the local participants (only - we will refuse any sponsored prizes won)
4. Providing substantial media coverage.

Most of the countries we have visited had fledgling paintball industries at the time, and our events have helped launch them into the mainstream.  Our trips have included:

1. Montreal, 1985 (First ever International event in Canada)
2. Johannesburg, Capetown, Durban - 1988 (First ever International event in South Africa)
3. Newcastle, 1991 (First ever International event in Australia)
4. Paris, 1993 (First ever International event in France, all proceeds donated to the local Children's Hospital)
5. Moscow, 1994 (Only ever International event in Russia)
6. Sao Paulo, 1997 (We provided all of the event's prizes on this trip to Brazil)

Venezuela is a place that the team captain lived as a child, and has been wanting to revisit for several decades.  We are combining a Paintball Tournament the first weekend with a 5-day jungle trip up the Orinoco river to Angel Falls thereafter.

See the team Resume on this web.  Soon to come - full coverage of all the magazine articles published over the years including pics.

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How do I get there ?

Please make your own travel arrangements to and from Caracas.   Fly into Caracas on or before November 18th.  We'll all meet up Friday morning the 19th.  Interior travel and all travel associated with the jungle trip is being arranged for you. 

If you send me your itinerary, I'll post it on the web site so others might coordinate their trips with yours  (Y'all can get loaded and swap lies and such along the way).

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Where am I staying ?

Caracas - Nights of 18, 19, 20.  Have had several suggestions all in the $30/night each range.  Am following up with the tournament operator regarding the best location relative to the field. Don't know yet.  Keep checking this site for updated information.

Ciudad Bolivar - Hotel Valentina nights of 21st and 26th.  Ciudad Bolivar is the jumping off point and landing point of the jungle trip.

Jungle - in hammocks.

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What's the deal with all the cool sponsorships ?

We traditionally solicit sponsored prizes for the benefit of the tournament promoters on these trips.  In exchange for providing prizes, organizational help, and substantial press coverage the tournament promoters are asked to reciprocate with free entry into the tournament for the team, free or discounted paint, and free or discounted accommodations and in-country travel arrangements.  Every once in a while a little something comes our way too!

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What's the deal with patches ?

Todd is supplying the team with event patches.  Each sponsor should send Todd 20 company patches.  When all the patches have been received, Todd will send each member a packet with all of the patches they need to populate their uniforms.  The patches will be sent to the address you used when you filled out the Signup Form. Sponsors, please mail 20 patches to:

Todd Inman
7516 Evans Ford Road
Clifton, Va.  20124

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Can we take firearms on the jungle trip?

According to the Embassy most emphatically "no".  Firearms will not be allowed into the country (they must have been reading the papers about Americans lately).

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Do I need a Visa ?

**NO**. Watch out for the the visa instructions at the Venezuelan Embassy's web site.  They're misleading. I'm told by the embassy that as a U.S. citizen all you'll need is an "entry card" that will be filled out while you're on the airplane.  Of course you will need an up to date passport.

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How much does it cost?

$1500 is pretty safe, less if you're a "non-combatant" arriving at a later date, more if you're coming earlier or leaving later to see the sights, etc.

Airfare to/from Caracas: You're on your own (recent fares from D.C. are between  $430 - $550)
Tournament costs: Should be free - have some cash just in case
Airfare between Caracas and Ciudad Bolivar: $186 round trip or less.
Jungle trip: Maximum of $679 - this is for the minimum of 6 people, and the price goes down the more that go.
2 nights in Ciudad Bolivar, 21st & 26th: $17/night each, Hotel Valentina 
3 nights in Caracas, 18,19,20th. We're working on some sponsorship help from the tournament operator.  At worst it will be about $30/night each.
Miscellaneous schtuff: booze, cigarettes, etc - better take out a second mortgage
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I heard something about a visit to the embassy in DC?

We are scheduled to meet with the Venezuelan embassador, Alfredo Toro-Jardi, and his Cultural Minister, Douglas Gouffot, Friday October 29th at 10:00. We will be doing a presentation on paintball in general and our upcoming trip to their country. The address is 1099 30th Street, N.W. in Washington. Please let me know if you will be attending, as the security folks will need to know in advance.

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